Our 2 inch adjustment is controlled by triple 3 hook and eye fastenings at the rear of the suspender belt enabling you to find the perfect fit that suits you.

Straps & Clips

Our 19mm wide straps are made from a superior elastic for increased performance, longevity and customer satisfaction.
Our custom chrome 'Power Clips' will hold your stockings firm under almost any circumstances. Designed in-house the straps will snap in with a reassuring 'CLICK'


All these quality features are standard on all 4 strap suspender belts, 6 strap suspender belts (excluding Pull-On), 8 strap suspender belt, 10 strap suspender belt, 12 strap suspender belt and also 14 strap suspender belt. they are standard on all 6 strap girdles, 8 straps girdles, 10 strap girdles, 12 strap girdles and last but not least 14 strap girdles.

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