14 Strap Girdles


Welcome to the world of 14 Strap Girdles. Please see below our range of 14 Strap Girdles. Each girdle is hand made in the UK by skilled seamstresses with decades of experience between them. All our garments are manufactured to the highest standards and our quality control procedures ensure that every garment reaches you in immaculate condition.


The fabrics and materials that are used have all been carefully selected and researched to ensure that they meet our stringent specifications and can do the job in hand. We use 2 way and 4 way stretch Lycra in our girdles as they provide the flexibility required for the functionality of the product.

Straps & Clips

Our straps are made from 19mm wide superior elastic for longevity and performance and our chromed power clips are of a custom design. When you insert a strap into a ‘power clip’ you will feel and hear a resounding ‘CLICK’. Once in they don’t come until you want them to.


To ensure that you order the correct size please ensure that you have measured yourself accurate. Unlike our suspender belts there is no adjustment on our girdles. If you like a tighter fit then please order a size small for a more restrictive experience.

Other Products

We also offer a 6 strap girdles, 8 strap girdles, 10 strap girdles and 12 strap girdles as well as a range of suspender belts.

14 Strap Girdle

14 Strap Girdle

Our 14 strap girdle is aimed at he corsetry aficionado who appreciates a high quality garment and th..

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